Bariatric Psychosocial Group Provides Judgment Free Zone at Osborn

By Tory Lane, Bandera Therapy Resource – Arizona
Osborn Health and Rehabilitation in Scottsdale, AZ specializes in nursing and physical rehabilitation for bariatric patients. Tony Botelho, DOR and CTO, along with his amazing team of therapists have collaborated with nursing and other IDT members to create an effective and enjoyable rehabilitation program catered to the needs of this patient population at Osborn.

The pillar of the program is our weekly bariatric psychosocial group. We gather for direct peer to peer support in a “Safe Place” or “judgment free zone”. Group is focused on a holistic approach where we address relaxation techniques, flexibility and strength, goal setting, barrier identification and coping strategies for success. Through this program members have the benefit of asking questions and giving advice to those in similar situations, celebrating success with people who truly understand the gravity of their accomplishments and the socialization aspect that helps to remind them how wonderful it is to be out in the world and interact and enjoy others company.

In the words of Tony himself, “I have been so moved by the power of these program participants. These individuals, like many of us, have battled demons and traumas. Not always in healthy ways– often leading to things like oxygen dependency, inability to stand and walk, and a plethora of psychological and medical comorbidities. But, to see their mentalities change, their efforts increase day in and day out, and the sheer will to take back their lives is nothing short of inspiring. It is a reminder that no matter how far we fall, we can always work our way back up.”

Tony and his team celebrate their individual progress, and they are so humbled by their perseverance and determination. Thank you to Tony and his team, and their dedication to helping to make this program a success!

(photo caption: Tony Botelho, DOR and CTO and his amazing Bariatric Program Champions at Osborn)