Cloverdale is Hiring a Physical Therapist!

The Cloverdale Healthcare Center for skilled nursing and rehabilitation overlooks the beautiful Alexander Valley in Sonoma County. Large panoramic windows open up the facility to brilliant sunlight and illuminate living spaces. You’ll experience spectacular views of the rolling hills and manicured gardens where you can view beautiful flowers, plants and wild life during the day, and the city lights of the quiet city of Cloverdale in the evening.

Intrigued? Cloverdale is currently offering an amazing career opportunity for a Physical Therapist. With this position, we will be listing a choice of options for the candidate to choose one form that is more customizable. Those options include:

Student Loan Assistance of $500 per month as long as employed at the facility (up to $15K)


Full time schedule of up to 40 hours a week including three 10 hour shifts with the option of at home documentation or drive time.


-10K sign on bonus

If you’re interested in this job, please reach out to:, or find out more about this amazing opportunity and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Welcome Skyline Transitional Care!

We are excited to welcome Skyline Transitional Care to our network of affiliated facilities!  Skyline is a charming 80 bed skilled nursing and post-acute rehabilitation facility with a ton of potential.  Our therapy leader, Kristin Ryther, is a transfer from one of our Texas affiliates, and has been part of our organization for two years.  She has always been a natural leader in all aspects of her life and when she had the opportunity to become a therapy program manager, she jumped at the chance to be a multiplier and rise by lifting others.  As a leader in our organization, Kristin has been able to facilitate many dreams for both patients and her team members.  She is a fierce believer in CAPLICO and building facility level culture as well as encouraging her team to build something great in their own community.

For Kristin, Idaho is home.  Boise specifically, is a beautiful location and offers hiking, skiing, and a growing local cultural scene.  It is a scenic and friendly place to raise a family and offers a relatively reasonable cost of living.  When not working, Kristin loves to spend her time doing Pilates and other work outs, as well as hiking and otherwise enjoying the outdoors.  Her favorite dining experience in Boise is Bardenay, hands down – it was the one place that she would always go to when visiting the area after moving to Texas.  

Kristin is inspired to build the program at Skyline from the ground up. As a new acquisition, it is a clean slate and the team will be able to create and define the treatment approaches, specialized programs, community outreach and culture that fits the facility team and needs of the residents in the best possible way.

Skyline is currently offering amazing career opportunities for an Occupational Therapist and a Speech Therapist. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

The Thoughtfulness Of The Coronado Therapy Team is Unmatched!

An amazing display of love from Coronado Therapy to the hard-working CNAs!

It’s so cool to see this thoughtfulness towards a fellow department by supplying dessert trays and a love-up card 💪🏼🙌🏼.

Coronado Healthcare is currently offering amazing career opportunities for an Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapist Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, and a Speech Therapist. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Join The “Island Life” With Bainbridge Island

History of Pickleball: Created in 1965 in the backyard of Joel Pritchard with a friend (Bill), the goal to have an activity the whole family could participate in. They created it on an old badminton court and since they didn’t have badminton rackets, they used ping pong paddles. Over the weekend they created rules and lowered the net from 60” to 36”, since the plastic ball they were using bounced so well on the court. Now it’s one of the fastest growing sports in the US! This took place at Joel Pritchard’s home on Bainbridge Island, WA just a ferry ride away from Seattle. This ingenuity and drive for living an active lifestyle is still a driving force on Bainbridge Island and especially at Bainbridge Island Health and Rehabilitation Center. They have a team of therapists and nurses that are here to help you get back to life! They enjoy the “Island Life” in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, home of amazing outdoor activities and weekend getaways (including Pickleball at the Founder’s Court). We are looking for therapists to join this awesome team. Come see us at the facility and then take an afternoon to play some pickleball!

Bainbridge Island is currently offering an amazing career opportunity for a Occupational Therapist. Find out more about this amazing opportunity and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Northern Oaks Makes An Impact!

Meet Clair and Lura Stoakes, Clair is 101 and his wife, Lura is 96. They celebrated their 80th Wedding Anniversary back in August. This amazing couple has been with Northern Oaks for over 2 year and we try to honor their anniversary in a special way each year.

When Clair and Lura were dating, Clair drove a Model-A car that he would shine up for his dates with Lura. Being in a small town, we knew someone with a Model-T and we reached out to see if he would be willing to give the couple a ride for their anniversary. His was only a 2 seater, but he called a former NE senator from Lincoln 2 hours away who has a “touring Model-T”. Our local Ford dealership then got involved and arranged to have that vehicle trailered here for Clair and Lura to take a tour around town.

While Lura is quite mobile, Clair requires a little more assistance. After measuring thresholds, we found out the step to get into the vehicle was 29’’ with a running board at 19’’ off the ground. For weeks prior to the Anniversary, our therapy team worked with Clair to be able to manage a 10’’ step all while keeping the secret of their Anniversary surprise, at times he thought we were crazy.

When the day came, Clair was able to manage the steps to get into the Model-T and take a drive with his sweetheart while driving off to their song “Too Young” by Natalie Cole.  There were 3 news stations and our local town paper that showed up for the event to interview our amazing couple and watch them drive away .  The look on their face when Clair saw the car was priceless as happy tears were shed. 

The love and encouragement the team at Northern Oaks shows to their patients is unmatched. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can join this amazing team, you’re in luck! Northern Oaks is currently offering career opportunities for an Occupational Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist, and a Physical Therapist. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Why You Should Consider A Job At South Mountain!

Meet Aaron Fuller, our extraordinary therapy leader at South Mountain Post-Acute in sunny Phoenix, AZ! He literally fell into a therapy career when he fell off a ladder and broke his hand, consequently receiving occupational therapy services to get him back on track. He had already wanted to find a career where he could be of service to others so he enrolled in an Occupational Therapy Assistant program immediately – and hasn’t looked back. As a therapy leader with our organization since 2015, Aaron loves his interdisciplinary team at South Mountain. “My favorite thing about my team is that no matter what is going on or if we are in a disagreement about something, we can all trust one another to do the right thing and do it well,” Aaron explained.

South Mountain has maintained  a steady push to be better and provide great care for their residents and patients.  They are currently working on a B&B/urinary incontinence program (which has been life changing for patients and their families in our other locations), social and leisure participation programs, a growing outpatient program, fall prevention and a vent/trach unit.  In five years, the therapy team should have a thriving outpatient program as well as a project to expand the therapy gym space along with 26 beds dedicated to vent/trach patients. South Mountain recently won the Arizona Therapy Program of the year, with some big competition from our other area operations.

Aaron is a proponent of growing our own leaders and three of his therapists have gone through our DORITO (Director of Rehab in Training Opportunity). Two of them are now therapy leaders in other Phoenix area facilities.  The therapy team at South Mountain has won the facility Halloween costume contest the last two years running.  Last year the team dressed as rock stars in a group called Thera-Band – this team is witty!!  Plans are in the works for another successful Halloween take over!

Aaron is a Phoenix native and plans to stay. He enjoys all of the great restaurants and abundance of outdoor activities. Even when the weather gets hot in the valley, cooler weather is a short drive away. Aaron spends his non-working hours taking advantage of the great weather, hiking, gardening, practicing Latin, Latin dancing and Country dancing, and cooking!

South Mountain is currently offering an amazing career opportunity for a Physical Therapist. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Discovery Rehab & Living Center is Hiring!

Discovery Rehab & Living Center in gorgeous Salmon, Idaho, has a unique and exciting career opportunity available. We are currently scouting for an amazing Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist with an interest in being groomed for leadership in our growing organization. We have immediate opportunity for this role to be an ADOR with the freedom to work as a therapist outside of the typical corporate red tape you find in many large healthcare operations.   Come enjoy the world class outdoor recreation and low cost of living  that Salmon offers while learning the leadership role that will expand your therapy career!

Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

We’re hiring in Vancouver, WA!

Located in Southwestern Washington on the shores of the Columbia River. Here in Vancouver, the locals do a large variety of activities. From picnics and hiking at the waterfalls, windsurf, paddle board, conquer mountain summits, ride the trails on mountain bikes and ATV’s, and cast a line out to catch some fish to name a few of the activities they engage in. Vancouver is known for their local breweries and wineries, offering some unique flavors that can only be experienced in WA. Some of best fall colors of the NW United States are found right in the Vancouver area. Amazing cuisine can tempt and satisfy your palate in Vancouver and their close next door neighbor, Portland, OR. It’s is truly a paradise for those who live there. Come and see what life is like in SW Washington.

Where else can you find this kind of peace in mind and soul at work and in play? Our therapy teams are innovative, creative and fun. The care is evidence based and excellent. Our outcomes are exceptional. Join us, The Oaks Timberline is currently offering amazing career opportunity for a full-time Speech Therapist. Find out more about this amazing opportunity and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Student Loan $$$

Our amazing network of Ensign Affiliates is serious about supporting your career as a therapist and helping you pay off your student loans so you can focus on expanding your experiences and continued learning as a therapist!  

The following locations are currently offering from $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 in either student loan repayment funds or sign-on/retention bonus dollars:

•Bennett Hills (PT, OT, SLP)– Gooding, Idaho

•Discovery Rehab & Living Center (PT, OT)– Salmon, Idaho

•Ukiah Post Acute Care (PT) – Ukiah, CA

•Broadway Villa (PT) – Sonoma, CA

•Pinnacle Nursing and Rehabilitation (SLP) –  Price, UT

•Pacific Care and Rehabilitation (OT) –  Hoquiam, WA

In addition to the financial rewards of being part of one of our in-house therapy teams, we offer the opportunity to practice at the top of your license with sponsored continued learning in a variety of areas including EMG certification, Kinesio-taping certification, HeartMath,  PAMS, Vital Stim certification, LSVT Big & Loud,  DORITO (Director of Rehab in Training) and many more.  

We believe in work/life balance  and offer a variety of schedules from part time to full time, depending on your needs. 

For more information please contact us at 877-595-0509 or find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Granite Creek is the place to be!

Meet our team at Granite Creek in beautiful Prescott, AZ!  Prescott is nestled in the Northern Arizona foothills and offers a huge array of outdoor recreation opportunities along with the charm of a historic mid-sized town with reasonable cost of living and average temperatures at least 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix!  The therapy team at Granite Creek takes full advantage of their surroundings – they hike together, kayak together, play pickleball together and enjoy happy hour together at outstanding restaurants like El Gato and Farm Provisions.  Larissa Osio, our amazing rehab director at Granite Creek describes her team as one with longevity that supports  each other like family.  She is looking forward to continuing the growth of their outpatient and inpatient services to have an even greater impact on the community.  Granite Creek partners with the hospital in Prescott to accept patients who are difficult to place in other facilities – and our clinicians love seeing them progress to the point where they can return to their home or assisted living after years in long term care.  Larissa supports the local community through teaching weekly exercise class at one of the local Independent Living Facilities to teach seniors how to use the equipment in their gym.  This team also embraces new grad therapists.  Larissa pairs a new grad therapist with an experienced therapist on her team and makes sure she has a weekly check in to ensure that the new grad is getting the support they need to be successful and progress in their therapy career.  She also provides leadership training opportunity to her team and currently has one of her therapists in our DORITO (Director of Rehab in Training Opportunity) program so they will be ready to step into the next leadership role that comes available. 

Intrigued? Granite Creek is currently offering amazing career opportunities for an Occupational Therapist Assistant, Speech Therapist, and a Physical Therapist. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.