Pumpkin Culture

With just a few short weeks until Halloween, it’s safe to say spooky season is here! April Tremmell shares: “My heart has been filled! Prior to leaving for PTO I left a pumpkin on my desk with a few words of gratefulness. I left a note encouraging others to add to it.  When I returned a week later my team had filled it up with words of positivity, gratefulness and good vibes!!”

Another example of culture brought to life in our facilities!  Experience it for yourself by joining one of our in-house therapy teams!  Check out these amazing therapy career opportunities at our affiliated facilities: Director of Rehab – Catalina Post Acute Care, Occupational Therapist – La Canada Care Center, Occupational Therapist – Camarillo Healthcare, Physical Therapist – The Villas, Physical Therapist – Beacon Hill, and Physical Therapist – Golden Acres. Find out more about these amazing jobs and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.