Want a Job With Our Amazing Lake Pleasant Team? We’re hiring for a PT and an OTA!

Mike Cons has been the DOR at Lake Pleasant Post-Acute Care  for the past two and half years and was an Occupational Therapist at the facility prior to that.  He was motivated to move into the leadership role by his colleague’s dedication and drive to provide the best patient care and by their willingness to go to any lengths to help their patients achieve their goals. 

Lake Pleasant offers skilled therapy, long term care therapy and outpatient therapy.  The are currently in communication with several local ILF/ALF’s to offer mobile outpatient services.  The interdisciplinary team at Lake Pleasant is special.  Each person on that team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and their ability to collaborate and problem solve to provide the best patient experience is second to none.  The therapy team at Lake Pleasant not only works well together – they regularly get together outside of work to celebrate work accomplishments as well as personal and family milestones.   

Lake Pleasant is also a training ground for future therapy leaders in our organization.  Mike has has several therapists go through our DORITO program and one has recently been promoted to DOR in another facility. One of Mike’s most meaningful patient experiences recently involved a long term care resident. The team as a whole is very proud of their long term care programming and how much it has helped the Lake Pleasant residents.  Mikes says that because of his talented and dedicated team, many of the long term care residents have rehabilitated to the point where they no longer need to be in a SNF and have returned to the community.  He recently had a military veteran transfer to Lake Pleasant from another facility.  He had been in a long term care setting for three years and voiced his desire to live on his own.  Our therapy team worked tirelessly with this resident and after about six months, he was able to discharge to an assisted living facility and has been successful in his new, more independent setting.   

Lake Pleasant is located in Northwest Peoria, AZ and is surrounded by new, charming master planned communities with tree lined parks, walking trails and Lake Pleasant Regional Park which offers boating, fishing and hiking in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.  If this sounds appealing, we currently have openings for a full time Physical Therapist and full time Occupational Therapy Assistant on our team!

Intrigued? Lake Pleasant is currently offering amazing career opportunities for an Occupational Therapist Assistant and a Physical Therapist. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Celebrating Independence Day with some therapeutic fun at Meadow View - Also hiring for a SLP, OT and PT positions!

To celebrate Independence day the therapy team at Meadow View Nursing and Rehabilitation in Nampa, Idaho put together a day fun, celebration and therapy for their residents.  

They had a festival outdoors that included music, snow cones and popcorn and best of all a dunk tank!

The ED, DOR and DON all took turns on the dunk tank seat, as well as some of the therapists and other leaders in the building.   Other therapists worked with the residents to successfully sink the management team!  Therapists and nurses wore red, white and blue to celebrate the holiday.   It was great fun for all!   

“It was a great way to get patients outside and build strength and coordination with a smile after a big year.  It was also a good way to build positive culture amongst all the staff.”, said Physical Therapist Tess Hurley.   “It was a great and productive way to celebrate the patients and staff at Meadowview!”

Great job Meadowview combining culture and celebration and the holiday with your therapeutic interventions!   

Intrigued? Meadow View is currently offering amazing career opportunities for a Speech Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist, and a Physical Therapist. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

pacific care facility

Work Hard, Play Hard - Join Pacific Care’s Amazing Rehab Team!

Pacific Care and Rehabilitation is a Skilled Nursing facility conveniently located in Hoquiam, Washington. Pacific Care is known in the community for compassionate and professional skilled nursing care. Once every guest is on the road to recovery, their talented rehab therapy team rolls into action. Pacific Care works hard to provide the very best overall care and treatment plan possible from the time a patient enters their doors, until it’s time to return home. Their main goal is comfort and health for each and every patient.

With all that hard work, Pacific Care still makes it a priority to celebrate their incredible employees. Whether it be a birthday, a recognition month, or even a lunch to reward the staff for going above and beyond, Pacific Care makes a point to show their appreciation and have fun team building experiences.


Employees from Pacific Care took a trip out to the driving range to celebrate, Gwil, one of the full time physical therapist’s birthday!

To celebrate Occupational Therapy month, the OTs and COTAs received personalized coffee containers with their names and fun designs!

Ensign has created an Employee Emergency Fund (EEF) where employees can donate to help others within the corporation in times of personal financial need. Pacific Care’s therapy team had 100% participation in donating to this fund.. truly showing their Love One Another core value for all therapist’s. They celebrated this incredible act of kindness with a lunch gathering together!

Want to join the incredible team at Pacific Care and Rehabilitation? Because, WE’RE HIRING! Pacific Care is currently offering an amazing career opportunity for a full time Occupational Therapist. Find out more about this amazing opportunity and browse our complete list of Ensign therapy job opportunities.

north mountain rehab hiring

Who Wouldn’t Want To Work For North Mountain? -WE’RE HIRING!

Calli Carlson is our dynamic rehab director at North Mountain Medical & Rehabilitation Center in Phoenix.  She started out as a staff Occupational Therapist here and feels privileged to now lead this team.  She says she has always been amazed by this group – they are compassionate, hard-working, ethical, intelligent and fully committed to helping patients reach their maximum independence.  The North Mountain team gets to work with a diverse and interesting group of patients since the facility accepts trach, vent or dialysis patients who are very medically complex and have spent a lot of time in a hospital setting. When the team first evaluates a patient, it is not uncommon for the patient to require full, two-person assist just to sit up at he edge of the bed for a few minutes.  It is incredible and rewarding to see those same patients eventually stand, walk, dress themselves, and return home to their families and lives that they love.  “Our therapists see the potential in our patients and help motivate and inspire them even when they cannot see the potential in themselves.  It is really a special thing,” says Calli.

North Mountain has become well known for their potluck celebrations and takes advantage of any opportunity to celebrate.  In addition to a dynamic and dedicated therapy team, the facility has a wonderful interdisciplinary team where there is mutual respect and accountability between departments and a high level of communication between all members of the team.  They hold themselves and their colleagues to a very high standard.

Calli and the therapy team have had uncountable meaningful experiences with their patients over the years.  A recent one involved a patient who had suffered a stroke six months prior to coming to North Mountain and had been residing at a different skilled nursing facility.  He had been in bed for the past six months, had very little strength, and was very depressed.  Within the first two weeks, the North Mountain team had him up in a wheelchair and standing with two therapists, a bilateral knee block and grab bars when he face timed his wife.  His wife was crying tears of joy and he was smiling – the first smile the therapy team had seen from him.  You could just feel that he finally had hope.  This patient continue to work with therapy and progress – and his wife is so pleased that our therapists were able to see his potential when others did not. 

Calli is excited for the future of the therapy department at North Mountain and expects the team to continue to grow.  Because of recent additions to the team, they are able to incorporate sensory stimulation, communication boards, fine motor/gross motor activities to improve engagement, edema management and bed/wheelchair positioning to maximize patient’s well being and healing. “I am eager to work with even more patients as we grow our therapy family!”

Intrigued? North Mountain Medical & Rehabilitation Center is currently offering an amazing career opportunity for a full time Physical Therapist. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

We’re hiring all over Sonoma Valley!

Are you looking to regain that work/life balance?

Come join our amazing therapy teams where we believe our staff come first. We encourage time each day to renew your body, mind, heart and spirit.

 Cradled between the Mayacamas and Sonoma mountain ranges, Sonoma Valley is the birthplace of California’s famed wine industry and the closest wine region to San Francisco, just 45 minutes away. Visitors have been attracted by the beauty and bounty of the Sonoma Valley since Coastal Miwok Indians first discovered the healing properties of the natural hot springs that once dotted the valley floor. 

Today, the region beckons with remarkable history, fine dining, a flourishing arts scene, charming shops, tranquil lodging and spas, and close to 100 wineries… all in 17 miles of unparalleled beauty, including 13,000 acres of parkland. 

What better place for you to find balance. Our therapy teams are innovative, creative and fun. The care is evidence based and excellent. Our outcomes are exceptional. 

Intrigued?  We are currently offering amazing career opportunities for a wide range of positions. To check out some of these openings see below:

Broadway Villa:

Physical Therapist – Broadway Villa /Sign On Bonus  Full Time       

PT Assistant – Broadway Villa/Full Time  

Park View PARC:

Physical Therapist – Park View PARC/ Full Time   


Physical Therapist – Summerfield/Full Time         

Speech Therapist – Summerfield Healthcare – $5K Bonus/Full Time

Valley of the Moon:                                          

Occupational Therapist – Broadway Villa / Valley of the Moon/Full Time 

PT Assistant – Valley of the Moon Full Time          

Physical Therapist – Valley of the Moon – Sign On Bonus /Full Time

Glenwood Care — Beautiful 5 star Medicare building located in coastal Southern California of Oxnard, Ca. Provides therapy services for both outpatient and inpatient services in our building and as well as our community. A building with excellent team culture with effective communication between interdisciplinary team members to provide the outmost excellent care:

Occupational Therapist – Glenwood Care Full Time

PT Assistant – Glenwood -Full Time        

PT Assistant – Glenwood-Per Diem  

Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Now Hiring an OTA, OT and PTA at Coronado Healthcare with Melissa Ricciardelli as the new DOR!

Meet Melissa Ricciardelli, our amazing new rehab director at Coronado Healthcare in Phoenix, AZ.  She has been part of the Ensign family for four years and was recently promoted into this leadership role.  Melissa’s passion is truly improving the quality of life for every patient she comes in contact with.  Her goal for Coronado is to have multiple LTC programs where each patient is engaged in meaningful activities every day and as independently as possible.  She loves teaching, developing and empowering the leaders on her team – Melissa has a passion for empowering the members of her therapy team to be extraordinary therapists and leaders by guiding and teaching them..  The most meaningful exchange Melissa has had with a patient in the last six months was simply chatting with a patient and his family about how much progress he had made – and having him show her what he could now do.  Melissa was gratified not only by his physical improvement but by how much his mental health had come from being very sad and depressed to on this day, having a huge smile on his face because he felt like he could do everything he needed to do on his own.  When she is not building something great at Coronado, you can find Melissa spending time with her husband and kids, camping and hanging out with friends. 

Intrigued? Coronado Healthcare is currently offering amazing career opportunities for an Occupational Therapist Assistant, an Occupational Therapist, and a Physical Therapist Assistant. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.

Now Hiring a PT and an OT at Discovery!

What if….you could work in a therapy environment free from corporate red tape with colleagues you respect and trust?  What if…your employer believed in developing its own leaders and helping their clinicians continue to learn and grow in their careers?  What if…you could do all of this in a beautiful natural setting where you were surrounded by a myriad of outdoor recreation options like mountain biking, hiking, snow sports, and world class white water rafting?  If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not!  Discovery Rehabilitation & Living in beautiful Salmon, Idaho offers all of these things along with an affordable cost of living.  On top of that, they are offering a $10,000.00 signing bonus  to therapists who are drawn to the road less traveled.  Salmon is located in the mountains of central Idaho and though small, the community offers fine dining, art galleries and events, as well as easy access to the largest protected wilderness area in the continental United States. 

Intrigued? We are currently offering amazing career opportunities for a physical therapist and occupational therapist at Discovery. Find out more about these amazing opportunities and browse our complete list of therapy job opportunities.