Meet Ethel Praznik, our 100-year-old honorary staff member who volunteered to help stuff envelopes for the recent FlagPOST mailing.

Ethel was born on August 27, 1921, to immigrant parents (her mother from Hungary and her father from Ireland). She has lived through the Great Depression (and still saves any food not eaten as well as little tiny pieces of soap!), worked in a local hospital and factories during World War II, and has survived all that has come after that. Her husband died on their 70th wedding anniversary on July 6, 2010, at the age of 92. Ethel likes to keep busy, although she suffers from macular degeneration and severe arthritis. She still plays games on her iPad though, like Words with Friends or Gambling Casino on Facebook. She’s also an avid QVC shopper, so giving her something else constructive to do really helps the budget! 🙂

Here’s an interesting story about Ethel’s mother and her immigration from Hungary. When her mother, Mary Timko, arrived at Ellis Island in New York, she had an eye infection and they were going to send her back to Hungary. Fortunately, her relatives were able to scrape up enough money to keep her here and heal her infection. Otherwise, she would have departed for Hungary on a ship that actually sank on its way back. Just think: Ethel and her family might never have been born, and someone else might have been formatting the FlagPOST instead of Marlyn. 🙂

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