An Invitation to Global Coherence

We invite anyone who is able and interested to join us with HeartMath at 8:30 a.m. Pacific daily during this time. Totally optional! You can join for one minute or join for longer. We would like to use the “Global Coherence App” that is available for free to download if you are able! Here are the instructions:

1. Download the free Global Coherence App
2. Click “JOIN NEW GROUP” at the bottom of the screen
3. Our group is called CAPLICOwell
4. Enter the ACCESS CODE: IndigoOcean06
5. You don’t need a sensor! You can join with or without a sensor.

When you start the session and click on “map,” you can see everyone around the organization using the app!

Once in the group, I invite you to follow our steps to get your neurological system in balance as you regulate your autonomic nervous system:
1. Slow your breathing down to a comfortable rhythm of four to five seconds in and out.
2. Close your eyes if you are able.
3. Shift your awareness to your heart. It might help to imagine a warm light in the center of your chest, or place your hand on your heart.
4. Imagine your breath as flowing in and out of your heart.
5. Make a sincere attempt to bring up a positive renewing emotion such as gratitude, appreciation, maybe hugging a loved one or pet, maybe the feeling after an invigorating run, or the feeling looking at a sunset. Try not to think about the emotion, just feel it in your heart. It gets easier the more you practice!
6. Radiate this feeling out to our facilities and teams, our leaders and our patients.