Announcing Our Newest CTO in the Endura Market

By Maryann Bowles, Endura Therapy Resource – Colorado
I would like to announce our newest Chief Therapy Officer in the ENDURA Market………..(drum roll please) our Director of Rehabilitation of Colorado Springs, Raquel Weese, OTR/L!
Raquel (Rockie) has been with HCR since opening in 2016 and has been a founding member of HCR being one of the original employees. She was truly a leader since hire in 2016 and had a huge following because of her passion, integrity and her leadership skills. Rockie officially became DOR in April 2021.

The biggest positive change at HCR was when she took the DOR role 😊 She runs the busiest skilled therapy program in the Endura company and is incredibly efficient at doing so. She is the backbone of our therapy program and has been since the facility opened. Rockie has been an essential part of HCR accomplishing the financial goals & FLAG in 2022. She consistently participates in facility wide endeavors. One example of this is when she and her husband came in on a Saturday to help spread mulch to beautify the building! (Rockie is in the middle/purple top). (photo)

Additionally, with the number of Medicare and Managed Care patients we care for, normal processes don’t always work for HCR. Rockie has been instrumental in revamping our Weekly Medicare to meet the needs of the patients while not overwhelming the IDT team. She worked with the Compliance team to develop a new policy and procedure that checks all of the compliance boxes.

Rockie also helps keep our Worker’s Compensation claims to a minimum. She and her team regularly provide education to staff, but then she goes farther than that by meeting with nearly every employee involved in a workplace injury and helping provide direction and evaluation of any potential injury. She has helped keep several employees from going unnecessarily to a clinic for care.

Rockie has been an active part in our cluster and works closely with her PIKES PEAK Cluster. In Sept, Rockie represented Endura at the 2022 Therapy Leadership Summit in Sedona, AZ. She has done educations/ in-services such as the OT programming for Leisure Pursuits at our other buildings and assisted with acquisitions by training the new staff and helping the DOR’s during this time.

Rockie is not one who enjoys being in the spotlight- but she is proud and honored to be our newest CTO!