CPT Coding Tips - 96125 (Standardized Cognitive Performance Testing, Per Hour)

Log this code when:

  1. The combined time it takes to conduct the evaluation, interpret the results, and write the evaluation report* is at least 31 minutes to report the first hour, 91 minutes to report the second hour, and so on.
  2. The test is completed using a standardized assessment, independently or in conjunction with subjective observations and findings.

*Note: Clinicians may count interpretation and documentation time toward the minimum minutes only when billing for 96125, and only for Medicare Part B patients. Medicare Part A minutes still follow RAI manual guidelines of direct face-to-face time, which is followed regardless of code definition. Additionally, when administered as the initial evaluation, this code is non-MDS for Part A payers.

Completing standardized assessments supports evidence-based practice and helps to clearly identify where to target intervention for the best results. While tools like the SLUMs offer insight as to where a deficit may be occurring, they only allow a general categorization of cognitive impairment: normal, mild, or severe/dementia.

Utilizing formal standardized assessments for cognition will help determine which component of the cognitive impairments need intervention. With so many components of cognition, it’s best to assess as many areas as possible. Cognition is the greatest predictor of function. The more areas assessed, the stronger the plan of care and better patient outcomes.

Please refer to the Cognitive Performance Assessment POSTette for additional information.