Introducing LSVT eLOUD Speech Therapy Program

Submitted by Elyse Matson, MA CCC-SLP, SLP Resource
Carmel Mountain Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in San Diego, CA, announces the launch of their new LSVT eLOUD outpatient speech therapy program via telepractice! (have photo)

On Saturday, April 9, the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (PASD) hosted their 20th annual Step-by-Step 5K Walk. This event funds PASD to provide thousands of critical resources to individuals with Parkinson’s locally. Including over 1,000 participants and 40 exhibitors and sponsors, this event was an incredible testament to the strength and dedication of the Parkinson’s community here in San Diego.

Carmel Mountain Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center had the opportunity to sponsor this event through promotion of their new LSVT eLOUD telehealth outpatient program pioneered by Speech-Language Pathologist Emory D’Andrea.

LSVT eLOUD is clinically proven to be as effective in improving vocal loudness and overall speech intelligibility in individuals with Parkinson’s as when the program is provided in person. The difference? eLOUD is provided via

Throughout the pandemic, our skilled nursing facilities have phased in and out of outbreaks and “red zones.” This has not only made it challenging for therapists to provide outpatient therapy, but more importantly, has deterred individuals with comorbidities from traveling to a clinic due to the risk of exposure. The goal of LSVT eLOUD via telepractice is to break these barriers by increasing accessibility, enhance feasibility (intense dodge 16 one-hour sessions in one month), increase frequency of long-term follow-up, and diminish the physical and mental burden of traveling to clinics.

Through LSVT eLOUD, we are excited to empower more people with Parkinson’s disease to live LOUDER and BETTER lives! Contact: