Leadership Highlight: Roohi Kapoor

Submitted by Kai Williams, Therapy Resource, Keystone East, TX
Roohi Kapoor, PT, DPT, CTO Operations Manager of Copperfield Healthcare and Rehab, Houston, TX

Don’t you love a good story about the person who never, ever thought they would be in a certain position, and then they really impress us and surpass the mark that they thought was set for them? Yeah, me, too!

Roohi Kapoor, PT, DPT, is the current Operations Manager at Copperfield Healthcare and Rehab. Prior to that, she ran a powerhouse program as the DOR at Mason Creek. As a DOR, she hesitantly stepped into that role about three years ago and quickly shifted the clinical and operational metrics upwards — so much so that she earned the coveted honor of Chief Therapy Officer in early 2021. She likes to say that she has grown up within Ensign-affiliated facilities. She began her start as the PT at Misty Willow, even then she challenged the status quo beyond the assumed expectations of a staff PT. I would be crazy to ignore that while she has been on her leadership journey, she was also feeding her passion for learning and working on her transitional Physical Therapy Doctorate, which she earned in mid-2021. Talk about one to watch! This example of intentional growth further supports that we are a leadership development company that just so happens to be in healthcare.