New Hire Coffee Connection

By Denny Davis, Therapy Resource – Bandera – Arizona
Bandera East had its first New Hire Coffee Connection Meeting to help with retention, education, communication and culture. DOR Kathleen “Katie” Deichert, OT from Mission Palms, started this on the east side on April 29. We had three new hires (all new grads) and two current students (hopefully new hires in the future!) who attended, and it was a great success! They were very excited to meet other therapists and form relationships and connections with others within the organization.

We made it fun by playing two games to get to know each other, such as Left, Right, Center (which had a $15 grand prize!) and a Kahootz quiz covering a little bit of everything, including some background on Bandera, CAPLICO, billing, documentation and some general PDPM information to help introduce some different topics. The things they love about our company are the culture, the support and the feeling of belonging! We are doing a great job loving on our new staff and students!

I am very excited to be a part of the growth these new hires (and hopefully the students if they come back to us after they graduate) will go thru and see the great things they will bring to the company in the future as they learn, continue to develop their skill set, and become more confident therapists and leaders! I see great things coming!

Our next meeting in May will be with Matt Pecora at Chandler Post-Acute. 😊