Recognizing Tamala Sammons, SLP & Super-Resource

By Chad Long, Therapy Resource

As we celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month, I wanted to share a few comments from the field about Tamala Sammons, SLP & Super-Resource. Thank you, Tamala, for your kind heart, wicked smartness and desire to see the best in all of us!

Without Tamala, we wouldn’t have had the success that we have had. Her support and motivation means the world to me! And let’s not forget about those POSTettes — they are incredible tools and resources that make my role easier. Love yau! — Heather Bjernudd, Therapy Resource

Since day 1, I have had Tamala on speed dial when it comes to guidance on regulatory updates, POSTettes, and all things ST. She is always quick to respond and she will do her homework to make sure she is providing the most accurate information. What I love and appreciate the most is that each time I reach out for support, her response is always filled with passion and such joy. — Kai Williams, Therapy Resource

Her passion to develop programs not only in the ST realm, but also to the therapy world, is bar none. We admire her for her relentless pursuit of truly dignifying long-term care. But amidst all that, she is grounded, humble, funny and kind — a true clinician, family person, amazing colleague and a friend.
Happy ST Month, to the one and only, Tamala Sammons!
— Dennis Baloy, Therapy Resource

Tamala was an amazing support for me as a new resource. How does anyone know the answer to everything! A complete wealth of knowledge as well as being easy to talk to — I could be totally honest and vulnerable without concern, always looking forward to our conversations. And then there’s those Postettes… the depth of information in short form is amazing. I didn’t realize how good Tamala was at writing and editing these for any topic until I was on the EPIC committee and we wrote the B&B Postette. Is she sure she’s not a PT and an OT as well? — Shelby Donahoo, Therapy Resource

Tamala has done an amazing job in many areas, but I am extremely grateful for the POSTettes. She has created a library of information that is easily understood and set up to be a quick read. This has been so beneficial to the field, and the therapists use these to enhance their skills, understanding and documentation. The POSTettes have been a significant part of the success of our therapy programs! — Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource

Tamala is my go-to for everything regulatory, billing and technical. To multiply me as a leader, she will direct me to where I can find the answers, more often than not, but I’m amazed at her bank of knowledge and how she is able to help me grow as a leader in finding and learning information. Tamala has made herself available to DORs and therapists in our market, especially our SLPs, which has added another layer of support and increased the effectiveness of these leaders and therapists. Her leadership has been so impactful. Our therapy teams would be nowhere near where they are now if it wasn’t for Tamala’s influence and support. — Gary McGiven, Therapy Resource

Tamala was my very first Divisional Rehab Director (in another company). I was a new SLP and ready to change the world; Tamala helped not only encourage my passion, but maintain it over the years (and across two companies). She has supported me in all things SLP, from attending conferences together to brainstorming over the latest coding changes. She has a fervor for SLP that can’t be matched, but I keep on trying! Also, POSTettes might just be the best thing known to mankind. — Whitney Warkentin, Therapy Resource

My name for Tamala is “Siri”! Ask her anything and she gets back to you in seconds or minutes with not only an awesome answer, but documents to back it up! She is an amazing lady with so much knowledge and kindness to go right along with it. She’s the real deal! I feel extremely fortunate to have her as a resource partner! — Candy Hardin, Therapy Resource

The last year has been challenging, stressful and dare I say character-building. I do mostly enjoy challenges, and can appreciate the sense of accomplishment after getting through, but I had a challenge I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through okay. Tamala was wholeheartedly in my corner and was so supportive. One particular day I saw trouble coming and called Tamala. She is always so responsive; she answers the phone almost every time I call. (I’m sure it’s because I’m her favorite, but I suppose there is a chance she is always this responsive 😊) She was in the middle of something, but still took the time to listen to my concern, make me feel validated in my concern, and give me confidence to address the concern. I remember thinking how grateful I was for her and the support she gave me. — Cory Robertson, Therapy Resource

Tamala is my “go to” for anything regulatory, any changes that require changes in how we document, and when I really can’t find any information… she digs for us! Tamala has been amazing all these years. Her saying “sharing is caring” really rings true! — Maryann Bowles, Therapy Resource

Tamala has been so great with updating us and keeping us current through her POSTettes! They are an absolute life saver! She is always great with explaining things and being available for questions related to SLP and general therapy questions. She is a rockstar! Woooohoooo! — Stephanie Winkler, Therapy Resource

She is always available and willing to help answer questions as we have them. — Joleen Linn, Therapy Resource
Tamala is amazing! Her energy, her spunk, her attention to detail are all things I wish we could all have. She always answers my calls, gives me a good reality check when needed, and pushes me to be better than when our conversations started. Her informational emails, POSTettes, and overall knowledge about everything amazes me. She’s also one of the best humans to hang out with. Smart, witty, entertaining, and always up for an adventure. I honestly don’t know what we would do without her.
— Aimee Bhatia, Therapy Resource

I have never worked with someone who demonstrated caring about those she supervised quite like Tamala. Tamala was often aware of, or receptive to, issues affecting those she worked with in a way that demonstrated caring. I always have felt I could bounce anything off Tamala, not just work-related issues but life issues. She strikes the perfect balance of encouraging you to care for your work and care for yourself. In a work environment, you can at times feel lost in a sea of employees, but not with Tamala. She knows her people and is a partner in every sense of the word. She wants to hear your voice and is willing to help that voice shape the organization to become better. Every baseball team needs a good utility player — someone who is good at every position and willing to step up and make things happen. Tamala is Ensign’s ultimate utility player. Thanks, Tamala, for what you do, but more importantly for who you are. — Sam Baxter, Therapy Resource