Temple View Transitional Care Improves their Self-Care GG Scores

By Cory Robertson, Therapy Resource, Idaho

Temple View Transitional Care Center in Rexburg, Idaho, Therapy led by Susie Swetter, DPT, DOR, joined the organization in the fall of 2019 during the transition from PPS to PDPM. One area in particular they have been focused on is improving their Self-Care GG scores. The challenge to improve was brought to the team, and their new OT, Neil Marion, stepped up to own it.

The team met to review their GG scores and their coding process. Neil looked at the metrics and said, “I want Temple View to lead the market in the self-care increase score.” At the time, Temple View was behind several other buildings in the Market in self-care. However, within several weeks of continued improvement in self-care scores, Temple View grabbed the top spot in percentage improvement in self-care scores for the ID/NV market.

When asked how Neil did it, his response to getting the top spot was amazing:

“Thanks for all the congratulations! I appreciate that, and when Susie asked me to respond about what I did to increase self-care scores, I simply said, ‘I’m just doing my job as an OT. Don’t hide your skills as an OT or COTA; we can offer so much to the people we care for, from the core self-care tasks with adaptations or full restoration of their skills, positioning in bed or w/c, home assessments, splinting/orthotics, neuro-rehab, cognitive rehab as it relates to ADLs, IADLs, fine/gross motor training, power w/c assessment, and strengthening of the specific muscles to increase independence and so much more! Don’t lose who you are as an OT; that identity is important … what makes us different than PT or ST? My answer: so, so much, and it’s our job to proudly proclaim who we are and show our facilities what we can do.”

Thank you, Team Temple View and Neil, for your ownership of this important measure and ensuring your patients get the very best care!