Therapy Recruiting Resources: The Future of Recruiting

Submitted by Carly Peevers, M.S, CCC-SLP: Therapy Recruiter for Summit; ID, NV, UT
Since COVID-19, therapy and the recruiting world have shifted significantly. With staffing shortages, uncertainty, and so many new challenges, recruiters have had to step up their game. From January 2020 through December 2022, it was reported that our Therapy Recruiters hired about 2,582 new therapists nationwide, which equates to about 73 new therapists a month. Although these have been trying times, these numbers are phenomenal. Potential candidates love to hear from actual treating therapists, so many markets have started to use our very own therapists as therapy recruiters. Brilliant, right? Who better to represent the CAPLICO experience than our very own therapists who have lived, breathed, and loved our unique culture?

Our Therapy Recruiter Resources are elevating the recruiting field by increasing school/student and facility relationships, attending career fairs, attending therapy conferences, holding mixers, and increasing their social media presence. Their innovative ideas and styles are reaching therapists around the country and the world and helping increase our presence to help LEAD a therapy movement.

Listed below are the Therapy Recruiter Resources Ensign-affiliated facilities. Please reach out to them with any recruiting or marketing needs:
● Andy Cisneros PTA, CTO: Keystone Texas East and Keystone Enspire
● Angie Taylor COTA: Midwest: Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin
● Ashley Keenan, M.S, CCC-SLP: Keystone Texas West and North
● Carly Peevers, M.S, CCC-SLP: Summit; Idaho, Nevada, Utah
● Jay Jupillo COTA/L: Keystone North East Texas
● Lyda Latagliata, MOT, OTR/L: Bandera: Arizona, Pennant: Washington, Monument: South Carolina
● Paul Medvene: Flagstone: California
● Scott Hollander PT, DPT CEEAA, CTO: Theratroopers