Veranda’s Fun Group Thursday

Submitted by Aaron De La Torre, Therapy Resource, Keystone Borderstone Market, TX
Providing therapy services during the COVID-19 pandemic has been more essential than ever to improve the outcomes of the residents we serve. With all the social distancing mandates that have been implemented to keep our residents safe, our interdisciplinary teams have been hard at work to ensure that therapy is provided in a safe and efficient manner. However, with social distancing also comes more time alone, which can lead to unwanted consequences.

If you were to visit Veranda Rehabilitation & Healthcare in Harlingen, Texas, on Thursday morning at approximately 10 a.m., you would witness the amazing way they encourage safe socialization while improving residents’ functional skills. You would find several groups of residents playing an adapted version of volleyball, where residents are holding pool noodles and working on their dynamic reaching and core strengthening as they hit a balloon over the net. Do not be surprised if you see some friendly competition between residents and therapists! You will likely also see another group of residents with ankle weights kicking balls of different sizes and playing a makeshift version of soccer, all the while strengthening their lower extremities. Music that ranges from oldies to reggaeton will be playing as patients enjoy their group activity.

Fun group Thursday is possible thanks to a collaborative team approach. Vanessa Munoz, DOR, helps identify the patients who would benefit from group therapy and creates a master list on Wednesday. She then emails the master list to Jason Hess, ED, and the rest of the IDT team. Each team member ensures that every patient is up and ready for the fun group activities after they have had a delicious breakfast. The CNAs, nurses, Activities, and of course every therapist who is available plays a crucial role in helping fun group Thursday occur. Pictured are some of the equipment that is used and the amazing Rehab team at Veranda Rehabilitation & Healthcare.