Bringing Compassion to the Team

April Trammell from Beacon Harbor in Rockwall, Texas, recently joined our Compassionate Hearts Team. She shared some ways she is bringing compassion to her team:

A personal goal of mine is to be more present for my team. This means both physically present and to develop a greater awareness of my team’s individual strengths and needs. I decided to give them all a survey with questions that captured our CAPLICO values
1. Provide an example of a teammate’s compassion
2. Provide an example of a teammate’s accountability
3. Provide an example of a teammate’s effective treatment technique/out of the box thinking
4. Is there a topic/area of interest for your personal goals?
5. Provide a characteristic/trait you value in a teammate, in a leader, in yourself
6. What are your professional goals/leadership interests?

The responses from my team were overwhelming! I am reviewing one question’s responses per week in our team meeting so that each staff can see/hear the great things they have to say about each other/see in each other. Here are the examples of Compassion shared by my team:

  • Kristen and Tibitha checking in on me while I was out for surgery. They have been extremely understanding. Receiving a very nice bag of thoughtful health products from April when returning from surgery.
  • Reggie’s ability to make the residents feel more at home /at ease.
  • Blair always goes above and beyond to make sure her patients are well taken care of and that they have everything that they need.
    Blair brought in a warm outerwear garment for a resident to wear who is cold all the time.
  • OT taking time to have a video call for patients with family members
  • Esther always has nice things to say about a patient or co-worker no matter how challenging that person’s attitude is. Even when everybody gave up on Resident SH, Esther was still attentive to her needs.
  • Being kind to patients even when they are difficult and stubborn
  • Jessica! She is always willing to help in any situation. She is very passionate about each and every patient and is willing to learn.
    Reggie is always checking on each patient and making sure they always have what they need.
  • Rhonda- always eager to help.
  • One of our therapists going above and beyond their responsibility by providing shoes to a patient to help them ambulate.
    Neeraj going the extra mile and caring about patient’s pressure sores and mental health.
  • Reggie and Neeraj going above and beyond to help our patients.
  • Kristen Erickson was very compassionate on the COVID unit. She ran around each day going out of her way to get the patients clean and anything they needed.
  • All of the current team members are compassionate and have demonstrated it during COVID times.

Needless to say, COVID was our Moment of Distinction with so many Silver linings that came out of it. We are a stronger team because of it. This survey has been a moment of distinction for me personally and professionally. This has been a great team-building activity—some squeals of delight when names were heard, giggles, heads nodding in confirmation. Hearts are filled here!