Motivating Employees—Meet the M.E. Committee at Copperfield

The strength of a team can truly be powerful when everyone sees and feels the vision. Employee culture and retention has been at the top of the initiative list. How can we improve this area and create an environment that truly embodies Customer Second? Well let me introduce you to the M.E. committee. I spent time with one of the M.E. committee members, Loretta Johnson, PTA, to get a better understanding of what this committee has to offer.

As explained by Loretta, the Copperfield Healthcare and Rehab facility created the M.E. Committee (Motivating Employees), with a purpose to engage, support and reward their fellow coworkers. They have designed and cultivated strategies to build interpersonal skills, through exciting team-building exercises. This level of cultural promotion encourages open communication, challenges employees with friendly competition, and assists with facilitating a healthy work-life balance.

The M.E. committee has put together a calendar of events that caters to employee engagement. As Loretta put it, “An employee who enjoys coming to work is a worthy investment, and a good day at work fuels the desire to be better the next day. This feeling of happiness at work will spill over into the love and care that we provide to our patients.”

Most recently, the M.E. committee hosted a Coloring Contest. All employees were asked to color a picture of a butterfly. Each butterfly was judged by the panel of patients, employees and visitors. The grand prize winner received a beautiful, laundry-themed gift basket. Other events included: Chili Cook-Off, World Water Day, and National Laugh Day. The time spent together is intentional, and it has allowed new-hires to comfortably blend in with the team.

The Copperfield Healthcare and Rehabilitation facility leadership team includes:
Noni Gill, ED; Unnati Patel, DON; Shayla Goode, M.Ed CCC-SLP

Submitted by Kai Williams, Therapy Resource, Keystone-East