Outpatient/Inpatient Synergy at McCall Rehab and Care Center

The Rehab team at McCall Rehab and Care Center in McCall, Idaho, has had a vision of providing community-based outpatient therapy in people’s homes since the facility became part of the Pennant-ID/NV market in 2018.

McCall’s DOR, Jenny Sowers, DPT, couldn’t ever seem to find the consistent time to grow an outpatient program, so she decided she should find a therapist willing to take on that challenge. In September of 2020, Jenny hired Ellie Toscan, DPT, with the goal of Ellie building their Community-Based Outpatient program.

Ellie has shown tremendous ownership of the program, from marketing to clinical to financial. She independently tracks the financials weekly and monthly to ensure the program is financially viable. Executive Director Kurt Holm’s main goal for the program is to build relationships and reputation in the community. A recent admission gives clear indication that Kurt’s goal is being realized. Ellie was working with a patient in her home. She had a change of condition, went to the hospital, and was referred to McCall Rehab. Because of the relationship that Ellie built with this patient, she readily agreed to the discharge plan. The patient is now receiving skilled therapy and nursing services in our facility. Thanks Ellie for this great example of the power of our core value of ownership!

If you are looking to grow your community based outpatient program, please consult your therapy resource or Deb Bielek for regulatory help specific to your state.

Submitted by Dominic DeLaquil, Therapy Resource, Idaho/Nevada