Welcome to our New Flagstone Facilities

Submitted by: Roxie Maceda, Lead MDS Resource of Flagstone
February 1, 2023 was a very special day for Flagstone. It was the day when 17 new facilities joined our growing bigger and happier family. Apart from celebrating with them, we made sure we did education activities. Even before 2/1, we already had some boot camp sessions with their ED’s, DON’s and Therapy. We also had 4 PDPM Basic Workshops last February 15, 16, 17 and 28. The workshops included the Facility IDT, and these were hosted by the Flagstone MDS, Clinical, Therapy, AR Resources and Compliance partners. Our topics included PDPM in a Nutshell, MSCA and CCA Audit preparedness, the different roles each IDT member plays in PDPM, To IPA or not IPA and Waiver updates. Since they joined us, we’ve introduced the many great and handy PDPM tools and Tips sheets with them. We also did some fun ice breakers in between topics. To make it a full circle, after the PDPM Workshops, they all then participated in the IDT Master Class.

One month has passed since our new facilities have joined us and looking at their metrics and performances, we are proud to say, despite the hiccups here and there, the overall transition was a very big success. This successful outcome is due in major part to the collaboration of all the Resources and openness of our 17 new members. There were many partners throughout the organization who travelled all the way to the Golden State and from the Flagstone family, we Thank each one of you!

Welcome to our Family!

  1. Grand Terrace Health Care Ctr in Grand Terrace, Ca. (59 beds)
  2. Palm Terrace Care Center in Riverside, Ca. (75 beds)
  3. Garden View Post-Acute Rehab in Baldwin Park, Ca. (97 beds)
  4. Ramona in El Monte, Ca. (148 beds)
  5. Lake Balboa Care Center in Van Nuys, Ca. (50 beds)
  6. Chatsworth Park Health Care in Chatsworth, Ca. (128 beds)
  7. Danville Post-Acute Rehab in Danville, Ca. (53 beds)
  8. Pacifica Nursing & Rehab Ctr in Pacifica, Ca. (68 beds)
  9. Fairfield Post-Acute Rehab in Fairfield, Ca. (99 beds)
  10. Fairmont Rehabilitation Hosp in Lodi, Ca. (59 beds)
  11. Beachside Nursing Center in Huntington Beach, Ca. (59 beds)
  12. Coventry Court Health Center in Anaheim, Ca. (97 beds)
  13. New Orange Hills (Orange Coast) in New Orange, Ca. (145 beds)
  14. Alamitos-Belmont Rehab Hosp in Long Beach, Ca. (94 beds)
  15. Broadway by the Sea in Long Beach, Ca. (98 beds)
  16. Edgewater Skilled Nursing Ctr in Long Beach, Ca. (81 beds)
  17. Lomita Post-Acute Care Center in Lomita, Ca. (71 beds)