Yoga Clip Reflection - Leaning In

By Michelle Mitev, Therapy Resource, Monument, South Carolina
Well, this happened… ( and was subsequently played in front of everyone at the Leadership Experience! After this clip was played (in front of hundreds!), I received high fives, compliments, and praise. Big “wows” and “How did you do that?!”

What folks probably saw was me! Almost an optical illusion. Up in the air, spinning, upside down. Major smiles. An undeniably cool thing.

There are a few things that I want my peers to know …

I was unprepared. I wasn’t stoked for the early wake-up but was determined not to let my new peer down. I didn’t know what “acro yoga” was until Tyrah laid down and told me to lean on her feet (omg!). It was freezing! I felt incapable. I felt unsure what would happen if I tried. I wasn’t even sure what was happening the majority of the time!

What folks might not have noticed: Tyrah, strong and steady, holding me up. What folks might not have heard: Tyrah, calm and confident, instructing me one step at a time.

I left the beach on a high. I felt SO proud (Did I really just do THAT?). I left the beach changed. I had tried something completely new and unknown to me. I literally and metaphorically leaned on my partner. She literally and metaphorically elevated me.

Growth comes from conquering uncomfortable moments. And we are the lucky ones and ought not to forget it! Within our organization our growth is exponential because of who we are as individuals and as peer groups. We are our best when we steadfastly pursue new opportunities while leaning on our relationships to help us through the journey. I am SO grateful to Tyrah.

I suppose my message is to recognize you, Tyrah; to lean into new and potentially uncomfortable experiences; and to let go. Then take pride in your effort. Practice gratefulness. (And repeat indefinitely.)